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Special Board Meeting

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Stanley-Boyd Area Schools
Special Meeting of the Stanley-Boyd Board of Education
Monday, January 26, 2015
High School Library

Call to Order (6:00 pm)
Roll Call of Board
Declaration of Quorum
Adopt Agenda
Pledge of Allegiance

1.0 Contract A; General Site Construction Base Bid at $1,425,997.70 by John S. Olynick, Inc
2.0 Contract A1; Lower Level Room and Retaining Wall Bid at $323,925.00 by John S. Olynick, Inc.
3.0 Contract A2; Additional Depth Helical Peirs at $25.00/ft by John S. Olynick, Inc.
4.0 Contract A3; Boardwalk Deck Construction at $27,870.00 by John S. Olynick, Inc.
5.0 Contract B; Site Electrical Base Bid at $199,333.00 by B and B Electric
6.0 Grandstand Total Base Bid at $27,000 by Southern Bleacher
7.0 Grandstand Seating System at $235,600 by Southern Bleacher (not to be approved until Phase II)
8.0 Open Closed Bids for Sports Center Loan
9.0 Discussion on Loan Bids
10.0 Adjourn

Jeff Boie, Clerk; Board of Education