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Adopt Agenda

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Stanley-Boyd Area Schools                                                                                    

Board of Education Meeting                                                                         

Monday, May 28, 2012                      6:30 p.m.

High School Library


           Call to Order - Pledge of Allegiance (6:30)

           Roll Call of Board    

Declaration of Quorum

Adopt Agenda


1.0  Closed Session (6:30)

1.1  Employee evaluations / Premium Pay in accordance with Wisconsin State

Statute 19.85 (1)(c)

1.2  Salary Schedule and Handbook Proposals in accordance with Wisconsin

State Statute 19.85 (1)(c)

1.3  Data Loss and Recovery Plan in accordance with Wisconsin State Statute 19.85 (1)(c)

1.4  Supervision of Students in accordance with Wisconsin State Statute 19.85 (1)(c)

1.5  Reconsider March 5th Expulsion Order in accordance with Wisconsin State

Statute 19.85 (1)(c)

1.6  Consider Contracting for Protective Services in accordance with Wisconsin

State Statute 19.85 (1)(I)


2.0  Return to Open Session (7:00)


3.0  Take any Action Resulting from Closed Session


4.0  Administrator & Board Communications (7:00)

4.1  High School Gym Floor

4.2  Student Accident Insurance Plan

4.3  Data Loss, Recovery, and Future Plan

4.4  Salary Schedule and Employee Handbook Committee Report

4.5  Public / School Library Consolidation

4.6  FFA Creed Speaker

4.7  WASB Presentation - Jackie


5.0  Approval of Consent Agenda (7:30)

5.1  Minutes of Previous Meetings

5.2  Expenditures

5.3  Personnel Changes

5.4  Policy: Teacher Employee Handbook, Retirement Benefit, P. 14


6.0  Financial Oversight and Stewardship of Resources (7:35)

6.1  Kitchen Remodeling Plan

6.2  2011-12 Budget – Final Expenditures

6.3  Dishwasher Positions

6.4  Self-Insured Dental Plan Annual Review and Return

6.5  Fee Schedules

6.6 Summer Projects



7.0  Effective Curriculum and Instruction (7:50)

7.1  Kindergarten Classes / Long Term Substitute Position

7.2  Curriculum Review 2011-12

7.3  Middle School Science Olympiad Advisor Positions

7.4  Open Enrollment Approval

7.5  Alternative School Presentation


8.0  Agenda Planning and Board Business (8:10)

8.1  Council and Communication to the board

8.2  Community Pool and Fitness Center


9.0 Public Comment (8:20)

1.Reading of Communications
2.Comments from the audience are limited to 5 minutes by each person.
3.Those wishing to speak must register prior to the meeting to do so.
4.The board cannot, by law, take action at this meeting on items not on the agenda.




Jeff Boie, Clerk; Board of Education


All times indicated are estimates only and will often be altered due to length of discussion.


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