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SL4: Employee Compensation

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Employee Compensation Monitoring Report
July 26, 2010
SL4 Employee Compensation  
Whereas, the Board reserves to itself the sole right to negotiate all collective bargaining agreements and to approve all pay scales, benefits and compensation packages;
The Superintendent may not:
1.      Change his own salary or benefits.
- No such occurrences that I am aware of.
2.      Alter salary or benefits of any employee without approval of the Board.
- No such occurrences that I am aware of.
3.    Imply to any party that he has authority to negotiate for the Board.
- No such occurrences that I am aware of.
4.      Promise or imply permanent employment to any individual.
- Multiple employees hired and working prior to board final approval but all such employees were informed of board’s final decision status.
5.      Fail to honor, enforce or adhere to negotiated labor contracts.
- I have had several issues/grievances during the past year but each was worked out at the superintendent level with the exception of:
      - bus driver grievance in fall of 2009
      - ongoing support staff grievance in regard to wrongful discharge 
SL4: Employee Compensation

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