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SL3: Staff Hiring & Treatment

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Staff Hiring and Treatment Monitoring Report
July 26, 2010
SL3 Staff Hiring and Treatment
Whereas, the Board expects only the highest quality personnel to be hired, and further expects teachers, staff and volunteers to be treated with dignity and respect;
The Superintendent may not:
1. Hire any paid personnel without conducting required background inquiries and checks or         utilize services of any volunteers without making background checks.
             * Background checks were completed on all new hires.
2. Fail to recommend only highly qualified candidates to the Board for staff appointment.
            * Extensive searches were completed on all new hires.
3. Fail to aggressively recruit and retain a qualified and diverse staff.
            * Extensive searches were completed on all new hires.
4. In the absence of a collective bargaining agreement, operate without written district    personnel policies or procedures which:
a) Clarify personnel rules and procedures for staff.
b) Provide for effective handling of complaints.
c) Include adequate job descriptions for all staff positions.
d) Include Board-approved salary and compensation plans that comply with state law.
e) Include an effective personnel performance-evaluation system.
f) Establish procedures for reductions in force.
g) Protect against sexual harassment.
     h) Protect against discrimination based upon age, sex, race, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation or mental, emotional or learning disability.
             * The District’s bargaining agreements were all in place.
5. Prevent staff, not covered by a collective bargaining agreement, from appealing to the Board when the staff member alleges that Board policy has been violated.
            * No such occurrence that I am aware of..
6. Fail to protect confidential information.
            * No such occurrence that I am aware of.
7. Fail to honor the terms of negotiated agreements.
            * No such occurrence that I am aware of.
8. Fail to provide administrative policies defining staff ethics, staff conflicts of interest, and expected staff conduct.
            * No such occurrence that I am aware of.

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